Configuring Automatic Backups for NavView

NavView has the ability to trigger backups of databases in used by database services. There is also an automatic periodic backup service for the Node Dashboard module. To make use of these features there are some things that need to be set up.

1. Install Maintenance Solution on the SQL instance.

A set of database scripts can be downloaded from the following link:

From that site, download MaintenanceSolution.sql

2. Open MaintenanceSolution.sql in SQL Server Management Studio



3. With 'master' selected as the database to run the script against on the server, click the Execute button. This should result in a message in the lower panel that says 'commands completed successfully'


4. Make sure that on the instance of NavView where you want to trigger backups, the Sql Server command line tools have been installed. If that PC has the main SQL Server instance, then this will likely be already installed. If it is a separate PC running NavView, then the command line tools will need to be downloaded and installed.

5. In Navview, on the Data -> Database Services -> Project Databases tab in the Explorer, configure a backup location, and then you can right click on a database in the list in order to create a backup of it.


6. The backups created in this way through NavView are full backups and are triggered manually when commanded by the user. In Node Dashboard, the Node databases are backed up automatically but not other databases such as the archive or fix databases.

5. In order to create more complex backup scenarios such as periodic, differential backups and with automatic deletion of old files, refer to the documentation for the Maintenance Solution, create a BAT file or powershell script which performs the backup via sqlcmd. Any script created can then be scheduled to run periodically using Windows Scheduled Tasks utitlity.


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