Quick Start Guide

Creating New Project

For Online PC:

Click Circle (top left)

New Project


Set up Geodesy and all that Jazz

On the last step you can import existing station which you will pick your last project and station name from there.

If on a new vessel usually call it Online


Once this is done populate your project folders

C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Nav\NavView\PROJECTNAME\Shared\Visuals


For Remotes:

Click Circle (top left)

New Project (Matching the online PC Project Name perfectly)

Skip Geodesy and Vertical datum (Just click next past them)

On Preferences: USft horizontal and Foot depth when in GOM


On the last step you can import existing station which you will pick your last project and station name from there, If there is none you MUST choose a name no other station has.


Database services and Logging Data

Once you have that all done, and folders populated and you have your devices coming in and your project is all set up always remember to start your database services, this is what logs everything once per second.

If using LocalDB it will log into the project folder

If using SQL database it will log to SQL Database.


Once database services are set up you start data logging.


The checked boxes will be the data you are logging once per second, give it a name and “start new DB” to start new DB every time one gets to 250mb.

This is the data that is used to Query after the data is collected, if you want DCC from a survey line make sure you have the guidance checked off and it will log ALL guidance to be at your disposal later.

I suggest Calculations, Guidance, Devices and Vehicles at the very least be logged.

This way you have raw data at device level, all calculations used for your vehicles, your vehicles logged as well as any guidance to be used later (Particularly handy for as-laid surveys)


Setup Network Services

Online PC:

Once you have your primary setup you will click on Setup Network Services and enable them leaving it as localhost




On your remotes you enable network services and replace “localhost” with the IP address of the online PC

Example if the online PC you want to connect to is



Setting up Time Sync

Online PC:

Click Setup in the ribbon and time sync and make the online PC “Is Network Time Publisher”


Where it says Message Source you can choose your GPS coming in.

Click Apply and OK


Once this is done click View - Network Services, and scroll down to Time Sync


Check the box for Enabled



Setup Time Sync method network



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