Output of Altitude With Offsets

I'm trying to figure out a way to get altitude added to a vehicle.  I have Altitude coming in from a Schilling string.  It has an offset of X=0, Y=-1, and Z=-0.4.  I would like to be able to output the CRP altitude of the ROV through a configurable output, but I cannot figure out how to do this.  I can output the Altitude no problem, but it's not the altitude at the CRP.  
The altitude being displayed in 4dNav is not to the CRP, it's just to the sensor.  How do we get it to the CRP?  Is it possible?
We don't currently have that as a built in option to view for a vehicle, but here is a workaround you can use:
  1. Create an ROV calculation that has zero for elevation. This will be a new Rigid Body calculation but for each category, select the result of your real ROV calculation as input. For the elevation tab, set it to Fixed.              5-26-2017_4-01-19_PM.png
  2. Create a seabed elevation calculation.
  3. In the seabed elevation calculation select your new rigid body calc for the body data source, and select your UHD for the Altitude data source. 
  4. Then apply whatever offsets you need.
  5. The seabed elevation output by this calculation will now be the CRP altitude, so you can now use this for your configurable output.
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